Lowboy Equipment Hauling


Our Customers

Our Lowboy Equipment trailer helps transport equipment for a number of different industries.  Farmers need equipment moved between fields, contractors need to keep equipment moving from job to job, Heavy Equipment manufacturers and dealers need equipment moved to and from customers locations.  If you have equipment that needs moved.  We can help.


Load it

In most cases our drivers can operate the equipment and load it on the bed so you don't even have to be there.  Other times, like when the item isn't movable, we work out a way with you to get the equipment loaded. Either way we try to do what is most convenient for our customers.


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We are a locally owned company trying to pick up some market share in this area.  Most of our customers contact us first for their equipment hauls.  We build relationships with our customers and treat them well.  Why not give us a try and see if we can help keep your equipment moving so you can keep your people working.

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